About Us

Connecting Information Across Healthcare Communities

MedLynx strives to build healthcare technology communities that capture accumulated knowledge of patients, clinicians and other caregivers and base our foundation on the concept of Health 2.0:

A new paradigm in healthcare where all parties (patients, physicians, providers, and payers) focus on healthcare value (outcomes/price) over the full cycle of care as the catalyst for improving the safety, efficiency, and quality of healthcare.

To achieve the greatest healthcare value for our clients, MedLynx leverages our Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) technology as the “glue” that connects systems, allowing for seamless integration and communication. Our technology platform integrates systems, organizes data across those systems, and optimizes systems to ensure they work together efficiently.

The Need

In today’s healthcare organizations, many challenges are faced in meeting demanding requirements from both the administrative and clinical aspects of the healthcare practice. At the core of streamlining process flow is the need to centralize patient information from both, the administrative and clinical data levels.

Healthcare technology is among the most complex systems.  A healthcare organization (HCO) is composed of numerous departments that, on their own, could be a standalone business; each with its own technology needs. On average, an HCO will have over 150 applications that cater to each specialty within the organization.  In most cases, the information among the systems is not easily shared and is not centralized.

Single source applications have proven to be very costly, time consuming, and intrusive. Today’s information solutions simply do not provide the seamless interfaces required to bring all decision making data to the appropriate people, at the appropriate time.

The Solution

We have successfully provided seamless integrated solutions to our clients.  Our solutions are robust, easy to use, rapidly deployed, and more importantly, leverage the existing applications without disrupting daily operations.

We Achieve Outcomes

  • Enhancement of underlying systems
  • Sharing of information across all platforms
  • Seamless interoperability
  • Feasible, cost-conscious solutions
  • ​A solution that fits our clients needs with a combination of package and custom tools
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Accessibility of information across the HCO
  • Better clinical and financial outcomes
  • Improved workflow for hospital staff
  • ​Measurable cost benefits
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