Financial Assistance Program Management for Health Centers

Health Centers deliver basic medical services, highly in demand, and are often the entry point of the health care system. If your organization spends significant time to operate a Financial Assistance program, consider a low cost and easy-to-manage Charity Care program from

Medicaid expansion and the increase of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs), have steadily increased the number of patient accounts with balances for both primary and specialty care physicians. Co-pays and deductibles require centers to collect and provide Financial Assistance from both traditional “Self-Pay” patients as well as those with balances after commercial insurance and government reimbursement programs. will work with your Health Center to leverage your existing EMR/EHR systems to efficiently manage your Financial Assitance Program. If you share a high percentage of patients with a local hospital or health system, we seamlessly connect organizations, across a variety of providers platforms, to reduce the time and money spent on administering Charity Care. How much are you spending to write off accounts to bad debt?

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