How It Works

With, your organization will reduce or eliminate most of the time your employees spend every day processing financial assistance applications with a simple, easy-to-manage program. This web-based software connects seamlessly to any hospital/healthcare information system and provides an easy-to-use platform to manage any Financial Assistance Program. Eliminate most paper based processes and streamline the approval/denial process with customized worklists and user access levels.

Get up and running in a few simple steps:

  1. Connect your patient registration and/or accounting system  (EMR/EHR) to – We get real-time account information from your current Cerner/Siemens, Meditech, Epic. McKesson, or other system.
  2. Set parameters to match your organization’s approved Financial Assistance Policy. – Configure for your current programs, designate documentation requirements, presumptive eligibility and audit criteria.
  3. Begin using Your patients, business office staff and third party vendors now have access to a powerful, online application tool. Streamline the application process and eliminate stacks of paperwork!
Financial Assistance Management System

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